The freelance marketplace is a revolutionary platform where qualified freelancers from all over the world can find their suitable work and get paid; more and more people are being attached through buy & sell service. These are the platforms that connect businesses / buyer and freelancers / sellers and help them to build trust. Through a freelance marketplace, a freelancer gets the opportunity to work independently on various projects. Businesses that are looking for sellers / freelancers for outsourcing their projects can make use of this type of freelance marketplace website to address their needs. If you want to buy a marketplace script then this open-source freelance marketplace script would be the best solution for you.

With the help of a freelance marketplace, you can get the opportunity to access talent from anywhere in the world, can cut costs, hire freelancers on-demand and help those who want to balance life and work. A freelance marketplace acts as the meeting point between the businesses and freelancers. If you are looking for a freelance marketplace script similar to those conventional freelance websites then we can help you out. Gigs developed a freelance market script on the MVC PHP framework that will have exact features like Upwork, Freelancer, Elance, and many more. You can also consider this software as an Upwork clone or freelancer clone. Our team of proficient developers at Gigs creates open source marketplace script that helps you to launch your own freelance website.We always look for innovation and success in finding out which latest strategies to include in our freelance marketplace website clones like Upwork, Freelancer etc. We provide customization for all the freelance script options. Whether you are looking to start a new freelance venture or want to add new features on your existing freelance site; our team at Dreamguys is always eager to listen to your needs and provide best solutions.

Payment gateway: Payment solution is completely integrated with PayPal, stripe and paytabs for the fast, easy and secure transaction.

Easily manage all the projects, site and the script fully flexible for customization.

SEO friendly: Freelancer marketplace script contains SEO friendly URL which makes your site easy for search engines and users.

What does our Freelancer clone script offer you ?

Gigs offers freelance marketplace script, developed to build your own freelance marketplace similar to upwork clone, elance clone and more. Freelancer marketplace is the revolutionary platform for business interactions where employers search for the best talent and freelancer get hired for their best skills. This is the medium for freelancer and employers to interact with each other.

Our freelancer clone allows the user to post unlimited projects in particular categories and subcategories along with required skills and project budget

The freelance clone script comes with amazing and innovative features, bidding module, project module. It is a cost-effective approach if you are looking to set up your business with a small investment. A freelance marketplace software is an easiest and quickest method to let your own freelancing website. Our freelance script Upwork clone, elance clone, is similar to freelancing websites and includes most of the functionalities.