Building a web application or a website with a pleasant-looking home page, attractive design, and navigation was never easy for many. But not anymore! What more can you ask for than a fully customizable and responsive multipurpose template for all your administrative tasks in business?


Have you always wanted to build a website with an attractive admin panel for your business, but didn’t know where to start with? Well, Preclinic has your back! Build your own web applications with Bootcamp admin templates. This is tailored to work across all platforms in the medical and healthcare admin template niche. The best part – you don’t have to be a professional. Preclinic enables absolute beginners to develop powerful web templates for hospital and medical. What more can you ask for?


Preclinic is a fully customizable, lightweight multipurpose hospital & medical admin template built using the most updated version of the Bootstrap 4+ framework and latest versions – HTML5 and CSS3. It is compatible with all devices ranging from smartphones to desktop computers and is 100 percent responsive.

Building a website or web application can never get any easier than this with Preclinic hospital and medical admin templates. With time being a very important asset in the business world, spend no more time and resource on designing and developing. Preclinic lets you save your priceless time by providing a complete package of all you need including RTL options of Video and Voice calls. We offer you ready-to-use custom widgets and massive forms integrated with 1000+ Font styles, Icon designs, and attractive widgets. With Notification and tooltips powered by jQuery, it can take your admin panel to an all-new level of an online presence.


Looking forward to creating a data-rich fully responsive medical and clinical management web platform with less time? Preclinic is the best of the bunch. Tailored with extraordinary features and simplistic design with HTML5 literally puts your dashboard on top. It allows you to fully personalize and fine-tune your web application to your liking. Its pixel perfect attributes with perfect layouts and ready to use features enable you to take full advantage. This Bootstrap template provides great flexibility and extendibility that is a must for every online space today and also allows you to integrate features like push notification, tooltips, and charts in your web applications.


Fully customizable and 100% responsive

A 100 percent responsive and fully customizable template allows you to personalize the admin panel as per your liking. It is compatible to work across all devices ranging from smartphones to desktop computers.


Includes all Latest and on-demand features

The outstanding features include all the latest on-demand tools for generating project reports, graphs, invoices, and charts. With Video and Audio calls,Preclinic is all you would need!


W3 validated and well-tested code

The codes used to build the template are well tested, well documented and W3 validated. Enabling developers to take full advantage



Chat and stay updated with all the latest updates in your businesses through the advanced chat option similar to slack! All options are made available right away.

Take your backend business to a whole new level with Video and Audio calling!

Video for a backend business? Yes, you read it right. Preclinic presents to you this feature which is now the most important requirement for all businesses.