Our core idea has always been building a company that outlast our own lives and help our society in the process.

As we both myself (Leo) and my brother (Guru) working in computer service based Industry, we stumble upon a opportunity to create a small company that do data entry as a service, we had setup a small office in the first floor of our Home with 6 seats. The source of the opportunity was a scam and thus we had to wipe the slate clean and start a service based Industry with our own efforts.

We started to see the opportunities available over the internet and started to create web applications and mobile applications for end clients all over the world. I had designed and created the first homepage for Dreamguys Technologies as dreamguys.co.in. From there on our growth was continuously 100% year on year up until now. Our passion for creating and supporting clients through technology still stays the same. We have crossed 10crores in revenue in the 2021/22 financial year, and expect to double by the next.

Every year end we run off sites to create ideas for the company, and started with two divisions of the company, the product side and the consulting side. The product side was our innovation table, we put in our ideas and create products that solves specific issues of businesses, we then take these products out to the market and help businesses with those specific need. The consulting side on the other hand is more into stringent processes improvements that would help business by providing technology resources who can help improve their business ideas with technology support, our processes have matured year on year and we could provide technology consulting with the highest quality and attractive cost ratio, that’s helping business bloom.

We have a massive arsenal of products with our ideas we built overtime, year on year the number of products keeps increasing and our customer base gets increased drastically as well. Our product ideas have helped thousand of startup businesses to kick start their online presence and bring their business to life. It gives us great joy and pleasure to be a creative company and deliver the products that would help people for their businesses.

When we started our services officially by 2013, we had a vision we had written down that vision and plan, followed it which helped us “be aligned” and “be focused”.

Here are those,

Support society through Technology Business Constant Investment on Innovation to improve humanity Create leader’s through the organization, through talent.

We had given ourself 6years to review and improve on the plan we designed, we had done so by the end of 2019, we had given ourself another 6years to get these plan a success and move on to yet another plan by 2025.

Build an IT company, this will be the first step towards the vision/mission. Create a service industry which would stabilize the company. With the support of service industry build products that will help small scale companies. With the support of small products, build a robust service industry and build big scale IT products.

Develop product that will help the IT industry, small scale and big scale. With that support, invest in R&D to created hardware based products that will help multiple industry beyond IT. With that support, invest in R&D of Siddha and other local products. Which are the core innovation of south India. Support the society in the process of doing all these.

Our foundation is our “Vision and Plan” that we write to ourself, which might see as ‘shooting for the stars’, but following that has help us achieve the impossible and beyond.