Restaurant Finder app

Craving for a Midnight snack? Or a delicious dessert after dinner to satisfy your night time sweet tooth? – Today, we all reach for our mobile phones to find a restaurant to satisfy our cravings. Dining out becoming a new way of relaxation and diversification in today’s hustle life, a way to choose among thousands of restaurants is through an online restaurant Finder application.

Tired from work after a long drive? Craving to eat a delicious meal without cooking? Planning for a dinner with friends and family? Restaurant finder applications have made it easier for you to choose any restaurant of your choice along with its menu and the feedback provided by other users. Drive hassle-free with our GPS integrated Google Maps.With the increasing importance of mobile application in a restaurant and hotel business, having a restaurant finder is inevitable to move your business to the next level. So why wait? Build your new Restaurant finder to help customers know all about you today!Let your customers know about the offers and special events just with a push of a button.


Build your all-new attractive and tantalizing mobile application for your restaurant in a matter of minutes by downloading our react-native Store Locator application templates that are fully customizable. FND offers you everything you need! From attractive templates to a fully loaded application. And the best part, you don’t need any coding skills to do this! –It’s absolutely easy and hassle-free. So worry less about the development!

The app template provides unlimited customization and clones Yelp Functionalities that include all features like categories, Restaurant listings, Reviews, and ratings by customers, Push Notifications, unlimited app updates, and filters. Wait no more! Build and launch your Restaurant tracker application in Google Play Store and App Store Today!


We, here at Dreamguys are an excellent team of expert developers and Entrepreneurs. We help business owners launch High-end mobile applications as requested just in a matter of minutes by providing them the boilerplate code. We offer unlimited customization by providing business owners extremely attractive and beautiful designs by integrating along with the features they want their mobile application to have. We enable them to develop mobile applications and help them launch it in the iOS app store and google play store much faster.

The platform allows you to list anything within your application ranging from shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, gas stations, hair salons, shopping centers, handymen, apartments, hotels, movie theaters, parks, tourist attractions, museums, local businesses, etc.

  • The React Native Store Locator App Template is all you will need to launch your mobile application.
  • We offer complete Backend Integration (Firebase).
  • Includes full customization with Stores, Categories, Reviews, Ratings, Filters, Search options, etc.
  • Optimized for launch in both iOS and Android


  • Download our restaurant finder iOS or android app template
  • Add all desired features like categories, places & filters to your own free Firebase Database
  • Launch the Mobile Application in the App Store and Google play store


  • Spend less on developers and designers, thereby saving thousands of dollars.
  • Launch your Mobile application in a matter of minutes instead of a long exhausting 6 months.
  • Move your business to an all-new level by reaching out to new customers and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • The templates we provide are designed and developed by experts who have former senior developers on Twitter and Instagram. We offer you the best designs, code, Scalability, and quality in every aspect including excellent customer support.
  • Building an application from scratch is ever easy. Save all the exhaustion and headaches ranging from cost to time consumption by using our store locator app template.

Help satisfy your customer’s irresistible cravings and expand your business in a matter of minutes. Get in touch with us now to launch your application today!!