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Dreamguys offers secure software and app testing services, whether it is for a start-up or established business.

What is Security Testing?

A security testing service is a professional service that, like defense attorneys and investigators of crimes, specializes in analyzing complex systems and networks for vulnerabilities. Security testers are skilled at finding potential weaknesses in applications and networks, as well as detecting cyberattacks. In this way, they can help protect companies and their customers from a malicious cyberattack.

Security Testing Services Come in Three Main Flavors

  • Penetration Testing
    It involves attempting to breach a company's defenses by exploiting known vulnerabilities in software or systems.
  • System Scanning
    A system scan examines the security status of all systems on a network, looking for unauthorized or unsafe connections.
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    A vulnerability assessment looks for common cybersecurity problems and recommends immediate fixes.

How Does a Security Test Work?

A security test is a comprehensive analysis of the security posture of your website. It helps identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure that your site is secure from attack.

Security testing can be divided into manual and automated approaches. Manual testing involves Manual scanning of the external resources (URLs, domain names, etc). Automated tests perform scans on specific parameters automatically, such as detecting vulnerable open web applications and web server configurations.

A wealth of security testing tools are available, including online scanners like Nessus or WebScarab, as well as stand-alone programs like Nmap. It's important to choose the right tool for the job and to understand how it works.

In order to conduct a quality security test, you need baseline information about your website. This includes details such as:

  • The site's structure
  • The domain name
  • Any IP addresses associated with the site
  • Who owns the site
  • What software is being used to host the site

With this information in hand, you can begin to identify any vulnerabilities that may exist on your site. Once you've identified a vulnerability, you'll need to determine how severe it is and whether it's worth fixing.


Reasons for using Dreamguys for Security Tests

Dreamguys is a trusted, reliable and affordable security testing service which can be used to assess the security of web applications and websites. Here are six reasons why you should consider using Dreamguys for your next security test:

    • Dreamguys Experience
      Dreamguys has over 10 years of experience in the security testing industry, which gives them a great depth of knowledge. They have extensive experience with both web application and website testing, as well as using different types of security tools. This gives them a significant advantage over many other providers.
    • Affordable
      Like all good things, Dreamguys security testing services are also affordably priced. You won't need to break the bank to get quality assurance that your website or application is secure - Dreamguys offers affordable rates without compromising on quality or reliability.
    • Trusted
      If you are looking for a reliable and affordable security testing service, you should definitely check out Dreamguys. Dreamguys is a well-known and trusted provider in the security testing industry, which gives you confidence that their tests will be accurate and reliable.

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